Ketahui bagaimana “MONEY BLUEPRINT” anda menentukan jika anda akan kaya atau papa


Nash believes that there are 3 most crucial elements to be successful in business and wealth.

First is your ability to Build, Market and Sell your business.
Second is your ability to Manage Money and Create Wealth
Third is your ability to Communicate with people effectively.

His programs address and solve these 3 realms such that you reap the financial and emotional rewards in your life.

Nash has the ability to simplify things especially in his programs. He stands for things to be Simple & Easy (not Complex & Complicated) but most importantly effective and produces results.

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How to Build Your Business Through eXponential Capital Growth

Why Do You Start a Business?To make extra Bucks? to fulfill Your Expectations? to become Really Wealthy?

To make extra Bucks? to fulfill Your Expectations? to become Really Wealthy?

The fact is…1 out of 3 businesses will go bust within 1 year of starting. 1 more will close down within 3-5 years. You see passion alone, doesn’t guarantee success.

Here’s another fact: Most businesses die because they are… short of money? True?

Find out how you can re-structure your business, with exit strategies that has proven to create everlasting wealth, how Grab, Uber, AliBaba, iFlix, iProperty, EcoWorld and may more, across many industries. This program will show HOW YOU CAN do the same way too. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE.

This program will show HOW YOU CAN do the same way too. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE.


As a qualified Chartered Accountant, Nash was great at handling numbers, but he found himself completely useless in managing his own finances. As a result of his own ignorance, he lost a lot of money and started piling in debts.

Unhappy with this situation, he decided to master the way to manage money effectively and also create wealth with the money that he earns, from many financial gurus.

At MoneySifu program you will start “reprogramming” how you look at money and get you fully empowered.

You will master MoneySifu’s simple 3 step system that not only keeps your finances on track but also how to make your money compound to create massive wealth.

Find out when is the next event and bring yourself and the people that you love there too.


Speaker Trainer Facilitator

Are you able to stand in front of and audience and communicate what you believe in?

The bad news is… if you want to really build your business massively like many successful business people, like Richard Branson & Tony Fernandes, then you have to have the same ability that they have… the ability to communicate effectively.

The good news is… you can now do it with the STF system. This involves mastering the 5 most crucial areas of being a speaker or trainer or facilitator.

Walk in with little confidence, and you walk out with brimming confidence, with a template that can be applied to any types of talk or presentation, it works all the time, every time.

This course is trained by Nash and his best of the best trainers, who are big names from the entertainment industry where to them, effective communication is what they do, which will be transferred to you.



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"Nazril (Nash) Idrus is a master coach whose passion for coaching gets results. Nash used powerful techniques to help me clear emotional blocks that were holding me back, going over and above what was required to help me achieve my best. As a coach, Nash delivers the feedback you need to grow both personally and professionally in an empowering way. " - Chantelle Duffield, Sydney

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