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Personal Branding: How to Create Your Awesome Brand

By nash | Featured

Personal branding is the seed that starts everything about you. Without you noticing it, you already have a personal brand. Actually, everybody does… So why is it extremely important?

Why should you build a Personal Brand?

  • To get a better job
  • To get better contacts and clients for your company
  • To be recognised in your industry
  • To get money rolling in… and freedom rolling out

Lets say you’re looking or applying for a better job, then you may want to persuade your potential boss at that ideal company to see that your personal brand is something that he needs on his team.

If you’re looking to grow the sales for your company, you want potential clients to associate your personal brand with a feeling of trust, long-term success and satisfaction.

If you want to be recognised in your industry, you want as many people to know you as the most logical choice that they have been seeking to solve their problems.
As a result, you’ll soon find yourself in a situation where money starts rolling in… and have more time to do things that you love.

In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, you have to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition. You have to be more appealing to your target audience and you can achieve it by creating a stand out personal brand.

As I said, everybody has a personal brand attached to him/herself …
Really? Yes.


Personal Brand is how people perceive and think of you. Isnt it ironic that we don’t like to be judged, but we can’t stop judging people? In the same way how we value 2 different handbags, for example Michael Kors and Louis Vutton; from how we perceive them and what people say about them, we can’t escape the notion that we also judge people that we meet, all the time. Research shows that you create a judgment within 10 seconds of meeting someone. Later, you seek to validate what you think this person is by hearing what people are saying about that person.

Well if we are going to be judged anyway, it just makes sense that we should “control” or “influence” how people perceive us, and obviously, in the name of profit! Therefore, we must create our own personal brand in the eyes of the world.

  1. The way you show up visually – what you wear
    That you wear immediately shows your personal brand. If a leather clad Harley biker walks on to the stage to talk about building a business, there is already a disconnect. But if he starts talking about how to create the most beautiful exhaust pipe, audience will immediately be compelled to take notes. For me, I always wear professional business suit, and I find people takes me more seriously, and sometimes even get few extra perks!
    Enough said, you wear how you want to be perceived.
  2. Your business card – your piece of impactful information
    Too many business cards look the same. Why should you have and keep mine? Because mine is different and it stands out. It speaks about who I have helped, who I want to help, and what they say (social proof). It has made decision makers stop on their tracks and ask me many questions. It open up so many doors. It is effective!
  3. What you say – your languaging

There are 3 fundamental questions when you describe your brand:

  1. Your “WHO” and “DO WHAT” statement
    (who you serve and how do you do it)
    Don’t be boring. Describe yourself in a more creative and compelling way.
  2. Your “WHY” you do what you do statement
    Why you wake up everyday and do this work, and you must tell people your reason why, because it charges and excites you.
  3. Your simple yet metaphoric “TAGLINE”
    Create a one-line tagline that you want people to remember you for. Mine is
    “I educate & entertain and I change people’s financial landscapes”


Here are 4 quick strategies to build your Personal Brand Credibility online.

  1. Create a website
    If you are an entrepreneur or professional, it is crucial that you have a website that extends your credibility. It doesn’t have to be snazzy, yet it is a must have, sometimes at little or no cost.
  2. Place a professional photo
    Start placing professional photos of yours in your website and social media. Studies have shown that a professionally taken photo increases credibility.
  3. Have an email signature @ end of your email
    Since you have an email, why not sign it off with a signature detailing what you do and how you do things. Check out wisestamp to see how you can integrate this easily in your emails. I do.
  4. Write your social profile
    Take the opportunity (some 140 letters) to describe and attract people who can resonate with what you do. If they like it, they may decide to follow you and may buy what you offer.


You must create a perceived value of your personal brand. The more people feel you brand worthiness, the more they would pay for your service.

So decide how you want to be known in the world. Over time, you will build trust, credibility and increased likeability factor.

In time, you will help people get what they want, and you will offer your solution because they now have met you, the expert.

Nazril “Nash” Idrus
Edutainer and Financial Game Changer

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