Marketing: The New and Improved Way

By nash 2nd December 2014 Featured

Many entrepreneurs have issues on how to attract people to their business or they start a venture and hope that someone would like to come to their premise or take on their service.

Having been an entrepreneur who struggled at the start, I learnt many lessons in getting leads.  10 years ago, promoting your business or prospecting for customers was different than it is today.  Today, there is technology for you to leverage upon.  Now if you don’t make technology as part of your promotion strategy, you will be left behind.

When I say promoting, it also means marketing which is, creating awareness.  It is not about closing deals, its about opening deals. Closing deals is the act of persuasion to get your prospect turn into a customer or what is known as the sales process.

I break promotions (or prospecting) into 2 different categories:

Mandatory and Optional

Mandatory type of promotion:

  1. Networking (where your target market is)
  2. Face to Face (or directly approaching a lead)
  3. Referrals (asking your customers or centre of influence to refer you)

Optional type of promotion:

  1. Speaking (speak to a large audience on your subject of expertise)
  2. Web Strategies (create your web page to share your service with the world)
  3. Writing (write a book or ebook or an article)

These are the top 6 ways that I have used and found extremely effective. You will find, in time, you will move from chasing leads to being chased!


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